Profit from our CEO Confidante Services like these executives:

New CEO, Specialty Manufacturer Son of the founder, made changes in business operations that sharply improved results and won the approval of other owners.

Company Chairman, International Manufacturer  navigated changes in leadership involving complex relationships with family and a key stockholder.

Successful CEO, Consumer Electronics  resolved destructive behavior of a veteran  product innovator in his company. The employee ultimately left the business and became an effective supplier to the company, retaining his relationship with the CEO.

CEO Succeeding Father/ Founder changed the culture of his business from one directed top-down by his father, to one successfully managed day-to-day by a team of leaders.

Financial Services CEO modified his communications to resolve morale problem damaging the firm's customer reputation. Problem folks elected to leave the business. Profit, morale and customer satisfaction improved.

Gain new perspectives on the “balancing act” of your business. Unlock your full potential. Exercise more effective authority and accelerate results.

There are significant advantages to discussing sensitive aspects of corporate life with a "voice of experience" trained at the Menninger Clinic.

  • Objective trustworthy advice
  • Proven techniques for improving working relationships
  • Powerful methods for selecting the right priorities
  • New found confidence in yourself
  • Achieving Balance through delegation

Jim shows you the way to exponential personal growth. The life lessons he shares with you and your new found ways of seeing your way forward combine to give you greater bandwidth that you can apply with complete confidence.

CEO Confidante Services are limited to a very few senior executives at any time. You get priority attention and unlimited access to my experience... all completely confidential.

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