Jim provides the boost you need to move  quickly, and get moving in the right direction.

Saved an electronics firm by defining a new market, successfully launching new products twice as fast as before and fixing a broken bank relationship ($3 million manufacturer).

• $1 million increase in operating profit in 3 years, by focusing management on yield and developing new products that increased sales 20% ($10 million food manufacturer).

Kennedy Hawkins, President PT Northwest, on working with Jim.

• 50% increase in operating profit in 3 years, by growing sales and cutting promotion expense ($125 Million retailer).

• 48% jump in sales in 2 years to $11 million and to $20 million in 3 more years, by shifting daily management from owner to a team that used new planning and operations tools (speaker manufacturer).

The Grew Company delivers returns of 3 to 20 times our fees or more by increasing your operating profit.

We help you harness a transition or unlock hidden potential to build a more effective organization, improve operating profit and upgrade customer service so your company lasts.

Jim gets results. For example:
• $ 1 million increase in operating   profit in less than a year, by shifting leadership from founder to a new team led by his son ($18 million manufacturer).

• $11.5 million increase in gross profit in 2 years, with an upgraded management team using high leverage operations disciplines ($25 million manufacturer).

Strategic clarity and hands-on implementation assistance quickly unlocks hidden potential in your company for sustained record level performance