Jim losing intense water fight with granddaughter

Since her practice specializes in working with professionals, she offers a skilled perspective on leadership and personal performance development.

Leslie J. Neilson MD
Dr. Neilson, a practicing psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, is a confidential staff advisor to The Grew Company.

Jim’s expertise helps you develop a company-wide focus and stay on track with the factors critical to your success.

The process is quick. expertly delivered, with specific objectives, clearly-established outcomes and timing, all contributing to your business goals.

Jim will help you get your teams focused and motivated to deliver their share of the company strategic plan.

Then help them deliver it.

Jim is an avid wind surfer. That’s him in the middle above.
Living just a short drive in his BMW  from Hood River makes it easy for him to stay in practice.

Since 1993, Jim Grew has been assisting mid-size organizations to improve effectiveness and performance, delivering these building blocks for success:

  • Strategic company plans that inform daily operations
  • Goals-driven team cultures that hang on to improvements
  • Effective Key Executive Teams
  • Systematic process improvement
  • Consistent sustained performance growth

Jim, a Stanford MBA  works closely with you and your key executives to give you a competitive edge. Together you will:

  • Clarify current problems and opportunities company-wide
  • Build an improvement plan that the business can afford
  • Mentor your executives to assure execution of the plan

Having worked in a range of industries building cultures of pride and success through fresh thinking and the ability to quickly isolate the best leverage points for change give him the experience that can help you transition quickly.

As a senior executive with profit responsibility for eight private companies and divisions of two separate billion-dollar public firms, Jim developed skills in business strategy and execution that transfer directly to you.  

His special competence includes strategy formulation and implementation through effective company leadership, relationships, and operations practices.

His work is collaborative, based on experience and training at the Menninger clinic.  He rolls up his sleeves and transfers enduring skills to key leaders in your firm.  

You profit from his 29 years as COO and CEO plus over a decade of consulting, coaching and enhancing businesses and lives.