The Fourth way is Jim's Blog. He doesn't blog often but when he does it is useful advice you won't find elsewhere. Usually his blogs lead to Articles...

Do Business Faster articles. Each tells you how to accelerate your business reaching objectives more quickly than you ever expected. He fills articles with charts and graphs you can share with your team speeding the time from inspiration to implementation.

5 Minute Assessments are simple ways to determine how you and your company are doing.You'll get an unbiased look to help pick up the pace in your organization.

Twitter for Adults is just that. Jim's comments on business subjects are short, to the point and filled with the wisdom of a man of experience. 

3.The best ideas are sometimes the most succinct

2. An unbiased look at how you & your staff are doing.

1.Articles that help you reach objectives more quickly

Four ways to access wisdom garnered in three decades of helping business performance quickly jump to record levels and stay there