Don't even think about getting out of your business before you read this book.
Getting out is the hard part.

This is not the sort of problem you grapple with every day.
What is on the other side of the exit is your choice.

This book and Jim's wisdom can help you with your strategic approach to the other side of the door, how to strategize your succession and how to make your business more successful and desirable regardless of what you decide.

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Finding your way through the steps needed to successfully transition out of your business is not easy.

It takes courage to hand over the reins.

It takes foresight and planning that pays off when you need it.

That is true whether you are putting a family business into the hands of the next generation, being acquired by another firm  or working through a management team purchase agreement.

Jim can help you build a more substantial company, more dedicated employees, and continuing value for the long term.

Jim provides the wisdom you need to act now for the rest of the journey:

  • Advice to get more profit, fine tune operations, develop a resourceful staff, more free time and a bigger bottom line.
  • The experience of what lies beyond the "retirement door."
  • A friend trained at Menniger that you can talk to about life balance.
  • The possibility of exponential personal growth.

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Secrets of how to make a business live on when the founder steps out... ways to assure that your legacy  continues is the value Jim brings